Board of Advisors

Agendas & Minutes

The Board of Advisors is comprised of seven members, drawn from diverse professional fields including, but not limited to, law, education, business and rehabilitation. Membership in the Board is open to anyone for a three-year term, and Board members convene three to four times annually.

Other than the composition of the Board and term length, DBCA imposes no other limitations, including the designation of a certain number of seats for certain categories of persons. This is consistent with our commitment to diversity, and we believe that tackling complex challenges of our community and the world we live in requires a highly skilled and dedicated Board. Regardless, we make every effort to recruit talented deafblind candidates, because everyone deserves equal opportunities.

The following are current Board members, all elected by the organizational membership in April 2013.

  • Arndt, Dr. Katrina: An Associate Professor in the Inclusive Education Department of St. John Fisher College.
  • Gagliano, Dominic: Vice President of HumanWare USA.
  • Gardner, Ron: An attorney and one of the leaders of the National Federation of the Blind.
  • Jacobs, Rhonda: A professional interpreter and member of the National Taskforce on Deaf-Blind Interpreting.
  • Parker, Dr. Amy, Board Chair: Research Professor at Western Oregon University, and Associate Director of the National Center on Deaf-Blindness.
  • Richert, Mark: An attorney and Policy Director of the American Foundation of the Blind.
  • Ruzenski, Susan: Executive Director of the Helen Keller National Center.