Current Issues

On this page, you’ll learn about the issues DBCA is currently addressing. But we’ll first explain why the issues matter. We hope you will appreciate the work that we do and help us make a difference.

Why the issues matter

Although our primary focus is on individuals who are deafblind, our work has the potential to positively impact everyone in the world, including disabled veterans and the aging population. That is why we worked hard to promote issues important to all people with disabilities, including people who are deafblind. And while we are committed to the advancement of all people with disabilities, the deafblind community is among the most neglected disability groups with many unique challenges that we are striving to meet.

Like everyone else who seeks equal rights, for people who are deafblind the issues being addressed are about equal opportunity and inclusion without regard to disability, and to be able to contribute productively as citizens. For businesses, they are about being able to do business with every customer, effectively and efficiently. For the general public, they are about empowering them to effectively communicate, share in the pursuit of happiness, develop relationships, collaborate, or simply interact with family members, friends, neighbors, colleagues or other fellow human beings who are deafblind. And for the nation and the world at large, the issues are about promoting and defending universal human rights, and enabling persons with disabilities worldwide, including individuals who are deafblind, to live with dignity and independence and to give back to the community, the nation and the world.

Our current priorities

Based on our diverse membership, consisting of entirely individuals who are deafblind and their individual experiences and needs consistent with the varying degree of vision or hearing loss, as well as the needs and perspectives of those in the entire community, we adopted a number of priorities. For the highly diverse deafblind community, the challenges are many and the opportunities few in so many facets of our society. That is why DBCA aims to change that – through accessible technologies, inclusive education, and responsible and equal participation in the community.

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