Volunteer Staff

Meet the dedicated volunteer staff of DeafBlind Citizens in Action. They work hard to support the organization fulfill its mission of enhancing the lives of people who are deafblind. They also help to ensure a sustainable future for the organization as it grows and encounters new opportunities and challenges. The following are current staff members who work for us.

  • Kathleen Peters, Logistics Coordinator. Peters has been with DBCA since its conception coordinating communications and related volunteer support staff for the leadership development program and other organizational activities. In 2016, she shifted her role to Logistics Coordinator, handling all logistics including transportation, housing, meeting planning and other related matters.
  • Melissa Hays, Support Coordinator. A volunteer sign language interpreter since 2011, Hays in 2016 assumed the role of Support Coordinator. In this capacity, she recruits and vets all volunteer interpreters and support service providers for DBCA-hosted events.
  • Jacob Hogan, Media Officer. Hogan first served with us as a volunteer in 2016 when the group hosted its annual leadership development program. As a Media Officer, Hogan provides strategic advice on the use and accessibility of a wide variety of media. He also works to gather and store media (such as videos and still images) for educational, fundraising and other uses in support of the mission of the organization.